Foundational Local Health Reports

Healthy Harford Highlights 2022 – an update on our ongoing programs and our work to address social determinants of health.

Healthy Harford Impact Report 2018– This report shows the impact Healthy Harford programs and partnerships have had on our community.

Harford County 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment  – A comprehensive overview of the health of Harford County, this document is used to help drive health priorities and programs to improve the health of all populations throughout the county. It is required that the Community Health Needs Assessment or CHNA (pronounced China) be updated every three years, and that the last two assessments are posted along side one another. Please see below for the 2018 assessment.

Harford County 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment– This document is a cooperative data project between the Harford County Health Department, Upper Chesapeake Health, and Healthy Harford to help prioritize our most pressing health needs. This document is used county wide to focus energies and resources towards addressing these areas of concern.

Harford County Health Equity Report – This report, drafted by the Harford County Health Department, outlines health disparities in our state, county and local jurisdictions.

State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) (otherwise known as the State Health Department) State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) is a set of 6 vision areas and 39 objectives that are used to set State health goals. Visit our State Health Improvement Process page for more details.

Harford County Community Health Improvement plan – This document is the action plan drafted to outline how we as a community will address priority community health concerns.

2020 Health of the County  The Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC), lead by the Harford County Health Department, presents the Health of the County each year at the Annual LHIC meeting and to County Council as the Board of Health. The LHIC focuses on three priority community health concerns as determined by the Community Health Needs Assessment: Family Health and Resiliency, Chronic Disease and Wellness, and Behavioral Health. Membership on the LHIC committees is open to the public. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact Ronya at

Harford County Public Schools School Wellness Plan In 2004, Congress passed the Child Nutrition and Women Infants and Children (WIC) Reauthorization Act (Sec. 204 of P.L. 108-205). This act required by law that all local education agencies participating in the National School Lunch Program or other child nutrition programs create local wellness policies. The legislation places the responsibility of developing a wellness policy at the local level so the individual needs of each local education agency can be addressed.

Obesity Resolution  As obesity rose to become a major health concern, Harford County County Council adopted a resolution to address this pressing public health issue. The legal resolution was sponsored by then Councilwoman, now Delegate MaryAnn Lisanti,  and adopted by whole Council On October 18,2011. This resolution recognizes obesity as a health epidemic in our community, and institutes an Obesity Task Force to “review and make recommendations concerning the programs and policies for creating a healthier Harford County….” The Obesity Task Force was tasked with producing a report to the Council within one year’s time.

Obesity Task Force Final Report The Obesity Task Force presented its Final report to County Council on October 2, 2012 as to its recommendations on how to improve the health of the Harford County community. Much of the work leading up to this report was done in three workgroups; Built Environment, Access to Healthy Foods, and Community Engagement. Details regarding their work can be found under the Obesity Task Force heading on the menu bar. The Obesity Task for was disbanded having completed its work. The Workgroups continue however under the Local Health Improvement Plan.