Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil is the healthy communities initiative of Harford and Cecil Counties,  dedicated to the health and wellness of the northern Chesapeake community – in mind body and spirit. Founded in 1993 as a non-profit 501c3 by leaders from UM Upper Chesapeake Health, the Harford County Health Department, and Harford County Government – Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil is a coalition of local government agencies, businesses, non profits, and citizens dedicated to improving the health of Harford and Cecil County residents through education, policy changes, improvements in the built environment, increased access to care, and improved care coordination for people with chronic illness.        ..


Every journey begins with the first step.

Live Well. Be Well. Healthy Harford/Cecil


Recent Posts

November 7, 2018

Upstream Solutions to Downstream Problems – what we do every day, makes a huge difference in our health

(Originally presented at the UM Upper Chesapeake Diabetes Fair). There are three major influences on our health – our genes, our environment, and our lifestyles. We can’t control who our parents were, so no controlling our genes, we have some control over our environment, for example not cleaning with toxins, spraying chemicals on our lawns, or using… Read More >

October 16, 2018

The Health of Harford County – 2018 Local Health Improvement Coalition Meeting

(Originally presented at the 2018 Local Health Improvement Coalition Meeting). Did you ever wonder what the most pressing health issues are in Harford County? Well, every year, each county in Maryland holds an annual meeting where the Health Officer presents this information. These stats, along with input from members of the Local Health Improvement Coalition, determine… Read More >

September 27, 2018

Addiction can happen to anyone, so can recovery

(The following article was published in The Aegis by the Harford County Health Department in conjunction with the countywide observance of Shine a Light for Recovery Month during September).                   My name is Megan K. and I am a recovering opiate addict. If there is one point… Read More >