About Us

About Healthy HarfordHealthy Harford/Healthy Cecil  is the Healthy Communities Initiative of the northern Chesapeake. A non-profit 501c3, we are a coalition of local government agencies, businesses, non profits, and citizens dedicated to improving the health of Harford and Cecil County residents.

Founded in 1993 by community leaders from the Harford County Health Department, Harford County Government, and Upper Chesapeake Health, our vision of creating a healthy community expanded to embrace Cecil County in 2014 with a regional transformation grant. Our mission for the northern Chesapeake region is to Inspire and empower healthy people,  healthy families, and healthy communities in mind, body and spirit. 

If you are interested in having Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil attend your event, please contact us at info@healthyharford.org, or info@healthycecil.org.


1993 – Healthy Harford began as a program oriented community health organization tasked with improving the health of Harford County residents through healthy community events and programming. 

2008 – Propelled by the daunting reality that Harford County was failing in a number of health indicators such as: 

  • a smoking rate above the State average 
  • 2/3 of our adults and 1/3 of our children registering as overweight or obese
  • Less than 2% of county residents eating the recommended number of fruits and vegetables
  • 23% of adults reporting that they do not engage in any leisure-time physical activity.

Source: Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) and RWJF Community Health Rankings

the Healthy Harford Board of Directors voted in 2008 to focus its efforts on promoting increased physical activity, improved nutrition, and decreased tobacco use in order to reduce the rate of chronic disease and obesity in Harford County.

2015 – The Affordable Care Act and burgeoning substance use disorder and mental health issues in the community inspired Healthy Harford to expand its priorities to include Community Care Coordination and mental health/substance abuse. These new additions are a testament to the changing health care needs of our community, and Healthy Harford’s willingness and ability to respond.

2016 to present – The idea of a “healthy community” is taking a more regional approach, crossing the bridge, both figuratively and literally, to cooperatively provide programs in both Harford and Cecil counties. The launch of our Healthy Harford Wellness Action Teams of Cecil and Harford Counties (WATCH) is a perfect example of this forward movement.

Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil  – embracing opportunities to empower all people to live a healthy, long, and quality life.

Live Well. Be Well. Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil