Fitness Tools

No More Excuses!
Increasing your fitness level will increase your energy level and reduce the negative effects of stress on your body and mind. Too often we let excuses get in the way of our good intentions to be physically active.

My Fitness Pal
Geared mainly toward tracking weight loss goals, myfitnesspal helps you track calories and fitness activities. It includes a full food database with nutritional info and allows you to calculate how many calories certain activities burn. Myfitnesspal also offers some great apps that integrate with the website. They are available in the app store, on google play, windows phone, and blackberry.

Fitness Apps for Your Smart Phone:
Need some help tracking your physical activity to keep you on track reaching your fitness goals? Perhaps a fitness app for your smartphone or tablet is the trick.

Heart Guide: Getting to the Heart of the Matter:
Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women and men. Though largely preventable, 500,000 Americans still die each year due to this disease. It affects many people at midlife, as well as in old age, and approximately half of all heart disease deaths per year are women. As early as age 45, a man’s risk of heart disease begins to rise significantly. For a woman, risk starts to increase at age 55. Fifty percent of men and 64 percent of women who die suddenly of heart disease have no previous symptoms of the disease. Get the facts to stay healthy and live long.

Body Mass Index Calculator:
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

How to Get Started With a Walking Routine:
Advice on the benefits of walking and how to map it out for success.

Turn Your Walk into a Workout:
Dr. Brunilda Nazario of WebMD helps you get started and stay motivated with your walking program.