Need Help Paying for Child Care?

The State of Maryland’s Child Care Scholarship (CCS) Program will help pay for childcare for a child younger than 13 years old, or younger than 19 years old if the child is disabled. The scholarship amount will be paid directly to the childcare provider. The parent will only be responsible for the remaining amount not covered. 

To be eligible for the CCS Program, you must be:

  • A Maryland resident
  • Working, in a training program, or in school. If both parents live in the same house, both parents must meet these requirements. 
  • Meet Child Care Subsidy income guidelines or be eligible for Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). See income guidelines below. 
  • Willing to have your child immunized to Maryland state standards or provide documentation that your child does not have to be immunized. 









To apply, submit the follow documents to Child Care Scholarship central:

  • The Child Care Scholarship (CCS) application (PDF)
  • Provide a Birth Certificate for each child or documentation that certifies the child has qualified alien status.   NOTE: Parents ARE NOT required to be citizens of the United States. 
  • The following documents MUST be submitted for you and your spouse, or your child’s other parent living in your household.
    • Most recent four (4) weeks of consecutive pay stubs 
    • Proof of identity (i.e. driver’s license, birth certificate, immigration status documentation, government issued identification, etc.) The proof of identify provided by the Head of Household must have a photo (i.e. driver’s license)  
    • Proof of approved activity (i.e. work, school or job training) 
    • Proof of all other income 
    • Proof of child support cooperation or payment ie. If parents do not live together, show that you are trying to receive child support. 
    • Proof of address (i.e. utility bill, lease, etc.)

You can mail, e-mail, or FAX the documents

Mail: CCS Central, PO Box 17015, Baltimore, MD 21297


FAX: 410.229.0053

For questions call: 1.866.243.8796

Application Recommendations

  • Complete the application and gather ALL supporting documents
  • Scan everything and email to
  • After you email everything, call 1.866.243.8796 two days later for a status update.
  • After that call every 2 days for a status update. This way you will know if any additional documentation is needed, so your application will not be delayed.
  • Once you receive your voucher in the mail, take all three copies to the childcare provider for signature. Then you sign them. Give one copy of the voucher to the provider, keep one for yourself, and email the last one to WITHIN 60 DAYS.

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