Health Initiatives

Where we live work and play has a direct impact on our health, so why wouldn’t we want to create the best possible environment for ourselves and our family?

Healthy Harford is the Harford County healthy communities initiative. We partner with local agencies, government offices, nonprofits, schools, and faith based institutions to create programs, policy and services to best meet the health needs of our community. We hope as you look through our website that you will find the information that you need to put you on the path to wellness.

The primary focus of our work is:

  • improved nutrition
  • access to healthy foods for all populations
  • mental health
  • crisis management
  • substance abuse/addiction
  • suicide prevention
  • physical activity
  • more walkable/bikeable community
  • planning and zoning for a healthier community
  • stress reduction
  • reducing chronic disease
  • avoiding unnecessary hospitalization
  • bliss

Mind, body, spirit. Live Well, Be Well. Healthy Harford.