How Do We Determine If a Site Qualifies For Free Summer Meals?

To determine if a site is eligible for free summer meals the Harford County Public Schools Nutrition Offices uses two sources of data information: School Data and Census Data.


School Data –  In order for a site to be eligible for the free summer meals program, it must be located in a school area where at least 50% of the children attending school are eligible for free or reduced school meals.

Census Data –  Another way to determine eligibility is by census block group (neighborhood). Free summer meals programs can be located in a  Census Block Group (neighborhood) in which 50% or more of the children are eligible for free or reduced school meals. What  is the Census? The US government collects information on the location, income, etc. on all citizens through a survey called the census. This information is then used to put services where they are needed. A Census Block Group is simply the block, area, or neighborhood  where that information is collected.