Obesity Task Force

Obesity Task ForceSince Obesity and its related health issues are a major public health issue in our community and in the nation, the Harford County Council in October 2011 passed an Obesity Resolution with the intent of creating an Obesity Task Force to “review and make recommendations concerning the programs and policies for creating a healthier Harford County….”

The task force was co-Chaired by former Councilwomen Mary Ann Lisanti (now State Congresswoman) and Harford County Health Officer Susan Kelly. The County Council appointed a 15-member Obesity Task Force representing a cross section of Harford County residents to research and prepare a specialized report of recommendations with a one year time frame. In addition to this lead group, three specialized work groups were formed to address specific needs in the community: Access to Healthy Foods, Built Environment, and Community Engagement.

After nearly a year of work, The Obesity Task Force Final Report was issued to County Council on October 2, 2012. An update of progress to date was added February 2013;  2.22.13 OTF CEW update.

The Obesity Taskforce, by its very name, was convened to identify a problem and propose its solution. The recommendations of the Taskforce are presently being implement by a number of local nonprofits and government agencies as well as the Healthy Harford/Local Health Improvement Obesity workgroup, and the County Council Healthy Community Planning Board.