Healthy Schools / Childcare

Healthy kids means healthy schools, there is no way around it, and healthy schools are a fundamental part of creating the healthiest community in Maryland. Harford County Public Schools are a key member of the Healthy Harford Partnership, where we all work together to create healthier programs for our children.

Harford County Public Schools Wellness Policy Did you know that Harford County Public Schools has a district-wide School Wellness Policy for the entire county?  The policy was adopted in 2006 and amended in 2009. Mary Nasuta, RN, Nurse Coordinator for Harford Count Public Schools is the Wellness Policy Administrator and is responsible for ensuring that each school is compliant with the policy.

Student Healthy Weight Program – Mary Nasuta blogs on our Healthy Harford blog site about the new CDC funded Maryland School Wellness Action Plan to help obese elementary school students achieve optimal health. This child centered program creates a wellness team consisting of the child’s school, family, and physician to help support the child with their wellness goals.

Days of Taste program comes to Harford County! Days of Taste® is the flagship program of TasteWise Kids. Days of Taste® is an interactive three day program that encourages elementary school students to appreciate the taste and benefits of fresh food by introducing them to the basic elements of taste and teaching them about food’s journey from farm to table. The program brings together chefs, farmers and volunteers in the community with kids for hands-on activities both in the classroom and at local farms.

2017 School Wellness Night Resource Guide – Planning a School Wellness Fair?  Here is a list of contacts and resources to help get you started.

Childhood Obesity – Why does it matter?


Summer Meals

Kids that live in food insecure environments are hungry all year long, not just during the school  year. To help alleviate hunger issues for these children, the Harford County Public Schools host the SummerTableLogoHarford County Summer Meals program – Summer Table  – Harford County Public Schools provids meals to summer education programs and camps that serve at-risk kids. As of the summer of 2014, HCPS began the Mobile Summer Meals program. Now during the summer break, mobile meal trucks visit select neighborhoods to deliver fresh lunches to children between the ages of 2 and 18.

Every spring starting around May, Healthy Harford will post:

  • the locations of all the stationary summer meal sites
  • the times and stops for the mobile summer meals
  • menus for the summer meals program
  • any other food support programs that are available for school age children i.e. Programs through Mason Dixon for children in the northern end of the County.