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Healthy Harford is a unique public health website designed to help Harford County become the healthiest community in Maryland. Our site is uniquely targeted to the Harford County community, speaking to them about fun and effective ways to improve their physical health and the health of their community. With an audience base of over 250,000 Harford County residents, it is the local resource for healthy living information in our community.

Healthy Harford users are local residents with diverse health related interests. Whether it is a new resident looking for information on resources in the community, a foodie looking for ways to make their recipes healthier, a business person researching how to create a healthier workplace, or someone looking to connect with a local club that support their interest, we serve them all.

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Please note that all web site advertising is run on a tenancy basis and there is no guarantee on specific impressions, user reach, or click volume.

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We look forward to working with you to develop a campaign customized to your needs and our audience. Contact us at for more information. All ads and content are subject to host approval.

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$125 per quarter for Healthy Harford members, $250 per quarter for all others.