WATCH TEAMS (Wellness Action Teams of Cecil and Harford) are making a difference in our communities. 


The last place Seniors want to be is in the hospital.

Living independently in good health is what most of us want, and it isn’t any different for Seniors with chronic diseases. Wellness Action Teams of Cecil and Harford (WATCH) teams help make that possible.

In 2016, our region won a $2.7 million grant to improve the health of Seniors on Medicare living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions, breathing problems, etc. This money was used to fund the Healthy Harford (Healthy Cecil in Cecil County) WATCH program, a home visiting program that helps Seniors learn to better manage their illness at home and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

Presently we have four (4) WATCH Teams in our region consisting of nurses, social workers, and community health workers who provide health coaching, care coordination, health education, and resource support to Seniors throughout Harford and Cecil Counties. In addition, the WATCH program has a staff Pharmacist who can answer questions about medications, side affects, and how to take medication properly. She can also review a Senior’s present prescriptions to make sure dosing and combinations of medications are appropriate. Beyond medical care, WATCH teams can assist with non medical issues such as: arranging for transportation to medical appointments, ensuring clients have the right insurance, safe housing, access to food, helping clients connect with social or spiritual community organizations, etc. all which work to support each individual’s well being… mind, body, and spirit.

Referrals to the WATCH program can be made from Skilled Nursing facilities as clients return home, home health agencies as clients wrap up home care, primary care physicians, senior centers, churches, or even self-referrals. Anyone on Medicare who would benefit from WATCH team services should contact:

Harford County: Rhandi Morgan, RN Clinical Coordinator: 443-593-2206

Cecil County: Patty Smith, RN Clinical Coordinator:  443-593-2712

WATCH Community partners include: the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, Union Hospital, Harford County Health Department, Harford County Government, CRISP, Cecil County Health Department, Cecil County Government, West Cecil Health Center, and Beacon Health Center.